Definition of diaspore in English:



  • A spore, seed, or other structure that functions in plant dispersal; a propagule.

    ‘These plots were colonized significantly more often by bryophytes and vascular plants with lighter diaspores, dispersed by the wind (light anemochores) or by animals (endozoochores and myrmecochores).’
    • ‘Natural riparian zones are also effective pathways for plant dispersal: the rivers carry large numbers of plant diaspores over long distances, and riparian zones are rich in water-dispersed plants and rapidly spreading exotics.’
    • ‘The fruit of B. monosperma is a single-seeded samara and disperses as a diaspore.’
    • ‘It is still not known whether Trebouxia algae are free living and it cannot be concluded that Trebouxia are wind-distributed from other continents to the Antarctic area in the same way as discussed for vegetative diaspores.’
    • ‘This clonal and recombinant species, which produces both vegetative and sexual diaspores, is considered endangered in most parts of Central Europe and in other industrialized regions.’



/ˈdīəˌspôr/ /ˈdaɪəˌspɔr/