Definition of diatreme in English:



  • A long vertical pipe or plug formed when gas-filled magma forced its way up through overlying strata.

    • ‘Various architectures connecting extrusive mud volcanic cones to their underlying source layer have been described, ranging from bulbous diapirs to steep diatremes and narrow vertical pipes.’
    • ‘The only known igneous rocks in the area are Permian periodotite and lamprophyre dikes as well as diatremes of ultramafic composition associated with the Fluorite district.’
    • ‘The Sloan deposits proved to be uneconomic and were closed; however, the Kelsey Lake diatremes in Colorado opened in 1996 with high expectations.’
    • ‘To date, the only described mantle xenoliths from NW Namibia occur in an alnoite diatreme emplaced in the Mesozoic Okenyenya alkaline complex.’
    • ‘Lower crustal garnet granulite xenoliths from beneath the Kola-Karelian domain of the Fennoscandian Shield were brought to the surface in Devonian lamprophyre diatremes.’


Early 20th century from dia-‘through’ + Greek trēma ‘perforation’.