Definition of diazinon in English:



  • An organophosphorus insecticide derived from pyrimidine.

    ‘Recommended chemical treatments include such common insecticides as permethrin, malathion, diazinon and sevin.’
    • ‘These results are consistent with the DNA damage detected in the lymphocytes in peripheral blood in 8 individuals, following residential exposure to the organophosphorus insecticides chlorpyrifos and diazinon.’
    • ‘Insecticides - most commonly carbaryl, diazinon, and malathion - were detected more frequently in urban streams than in agricultural streams.’
    • ‘In urban areas, insecticides such as diazinon and malathion which are commonly used on lawns and gardens were found in nearly all of the streams that were sampled.’
    • ‘The herbicides alachlor and atrazine and the pesticide diazinon may be to blame.’



/dīˈazəˌnän/ /daɪˈæzəˌnɑn/


From diazine(see di-, azine) + -on (suffix of unknown origin).