Definition of diazo in English:



(also diazotype)
  • A copying or coloring process using a diazo compound decomposed by ultraviolet light.

    as modifier ‘diazo printers’
    • ‘These man-made compounds have a ring of six carbons (the benzo part) joined to a 7-member ring with 5 carbons and 2 nitrogens indicated by diazo.’
    • ‘It is ironic that the human eye, but not the Hitachi 917, can easily distinguish the pink color of the genuine diazo reaction from the white turbidity of the precipitate.’
    • ‘These are thought to be formed by the release of nitrogen gas during the photolysis of the diazo group.’
    • ‘It is a prodrug in which 5-aminosalicylic acid is linked via a diazo bond to 4-aminobenzoyl- alanine, an inert and biologically inactive carrier molecule.’
    • ‘The fizzing is the diazo group breaking down, with nitrogen gas being given off as the compound reacts.’



/dīˈazō/ /daɪˈæzoʊ/