Definition of diborane in English:



  • A poisonous, reactive gas made by the action of acids on some borides. It is the simplest of the boranes and is an example of electron-deficient bonding.

    Chemical formula: B₂H₆

    ‘The similarity between the electronic structures of ethylene and diborane is well known.’
    • ‘The reactions of diborane and its alkyl- and aryl-derivatives with indefinite compounds are also analyzed.’
    • ‘Chronic exposure to low concentrations of diborane may cause headache, light-headedness, fatigue, weakness in the muscles, and tremors.’
    • ‘Using the 500 MHz radio frequency and optimizing the other parameters, we have proved experimentally that the component of the hydrogen ions becomes less than 0.1% with respect to the diborane ions’
    • ‘The reaction enthalpy at 298 K for the dissociation of diborane will be calculated with these methods and the resulting theoretical values for DH diss will be compared with experimental values.’



/dīˈbôrˌān/ /daɪˈbɔrˌeɪn/