Definition of dichotomously in English:



See dichotomous

‘Because of the skewed distributions of variables with more than two response options, and the dichotomous nature of some items, all responses were coded dichotomously and summed across the 9 items.’
  • ‘Items in the condom use self-efficacy scale were recoded dichotomously to determine the extent to which groups interviewed differed in their endorsement of each item.’
  • ‘It is clear from the Proterozoic fossil record that meristem differentiation, including apical meristems associated with dichotomously branched thalli, must have evolved in the terminal Neoproterozoic or earlier.’
  • ‘Treatment status was dichotomously measured for each month during the 36-month observation period.’
  • ‘The women were dichotomously classified as lesbian or heterosexual.’