Definition of dichroic in English:



  • (of a crystal) showing different colors when viewed from different directions, or (more generally) having different absorption coefficients for light polarized in different directions.

    ‘One common laboratory technique - the use of circularly polarized light in circular dichroic spectroscopy - optically records changes in protein secondary structure to study the dynamics within the biological system.’
    • ‘Visual pigments, the molecules in photoreceptors that initiate the process of vision, are inherently dichroic, differentially absorbing light according to its axis of polarization.’
    • ‘The angle between the diglucosamine ring plane and the membrane plane was determined by dichroic measurements using polarized IR light with oriented multilayers of the endotoxins.’
    • ‘The light reflected by this dichroic mirror, is split into two separate paths with a polarizing beam splitter.’
    • ‘Upon measuring the absorbance of a labeled peptide at a given angle of incidence, two different dichroic ratios were obtained.’



/dīˈkrōik/ /daɪˈkroʊɪk/


Mid 19th century from Greek dikhroos (from di- ‘twice’ + khrōs ‘color’) + -ic.