Definition of dictamnus in English:



another term for "dittany of Crete" (see dittany)
‘Origanum dictamnus is supposed to be good for the stomach, but is not too bad as just tea.’
  • ‘Native to the mountains of Crete and also called dittany or dictamnus, this perennial plant can reach a height of 0.3 meters.’
  • ‘The subject is the Effect of Solution Conductivity on the Volatile Constituents of Origanum dictamnus L. in Nutrient Film Culture’
  • ‘There are 89 plant species which can be used to make fragrant oils, including grass, cortex dictamni, sweetgrass, and peppermint.’
  • ‘Judaea sends us Lacryma balsami, Crete Coma dictamni, Arabia her flower of spices, India reaps her crop of spikenard.’
another term for gas plant



/ˌdikˈtamnəs/ /ˌdɪkˈtæmnəs/


Mid 16th century from Latin.