Definition of didactically in English:



See didactic

‘One significant feature common to all three series is a dramatically compelling (as opposed to a didactically plodding) struggle between good and evil.’
  • ‘‘What we want to do is encourage the individual to think about their own personal circumstances rather than talking didactically to them,’ he states.’
  • ‘A deliberate disavowal of any attempt to ‘lay down didactically the principles’ of prose writing provides him with an excellent basis to do exactly that.’
  • ‘It is emphasized that the teacher's role in the classroom is to facilitate discussion rather than to present philosophical ideas didactically.’
  • ‘Although I should also add here, we did use these models didactically, in that we were trying to investigate how the system functioned in relation to variations in these parameters.’



/dəˈdaktək(ə)lē/ /dəˈdæktək(ə)li/ /dīˈdaktək(ə)lē/ /daɪˈdæktək(ə)li/