Definition of dideoxycytidine in English:


(also DDC, ddC)

Pronunciation /ˌdīdēˌäksiˈsīdəˌdēn/ /ˌdaɪdiˌɑksɪˈsaɪdəˌdin/


  • A drug which inhibits the replication of HIV and is used in the treatment of AIDS, especially in combination with zidovudine. It is a synthetic analog of a pyrimidine nucleoside.

    ‘We depleted NT2 cells of their endogenous mtDNA by prolonged treatment with dideoxycytidine, thus creating the desired line.’
    • ‘‘Coined’ abbreviations such as HCTZ, AZT, T3, PCN, U, and ddC are not acceptable medical abbreviations, may be misinterpreted, and may cause drug errors.’
    • ‘The CNS distribution of ddC is similar to that of ddI in humans.’
    • ‘Acyclovir and ddC were used as a positive control of HSV and ADV, respectively.’
    • ‘The DNA was treated with 500 units of terminal transferase (Boehringer Mannheim, Indianapolis) in the presence of ddC according to manufacturer's instructions.’