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nounplural noun didoes, plural noun didos

informal North American
  • often in phrase cut didoes or cut up didoesA mischievous trick or prank.

    • ‘When Blackhawk began to cut up didos you had storekeepers and squirrel hunters all marching together in your company.’
    • ‘I've always had a theory that prolonged association with demented people sooner or later will cut up didos in almost anybody's brain, especially if the person hasn't any too sinewy an intellect to begin with.’
    fun, amusement, amusing time, laugh, giggle, joke



/ˈdīˌdō/ /ˈdaɪˌdoʊ/


Early 19th century of unknown origin.

Main definitions of Dido in English

: dido1Dido2


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proper noun

  • (in the Aeneid) the queen and founder of Carthage, who fell in love with the shipwrecked Aeneas and killed herself when he deserted her.

    practical joke, trick, mischievous act, piece of mischief, joke, escapade, stunt, caper, jape, game, hoax, antic



/ˈdīˌdō/ /ˈdaɪˌdoʊ/