Definition of diene in English:



  • An unsaturated hydrocarbon containing two double bonds between carbon atoms.

    ‘They had reacted a conjugated diene with a simple alkene to generate a cycloalkane.’
    • ‘The formation of conjugated dienes occurs when free radicals attack the hydrogens of methylene groups separating double bonds and leading to a rearrangement of the bonds.’
    • ‘They found that the lead catalyst was effective in reacting the well known Si-containing reagent Danishefsky's diene with various aldehydes to produce dihydropyrone hetero-cycles.’
    • ‘They established that the conjugated triene was further hydrogenated to a non-conjugated diene and eventually to the monoene 18.’
    • ‘While supplementation was able to reduce thiobarbituric reactive substances, it was only able to slightly lower the quantity of conjugated dienes formed.’



/ˈdīēn/ /ˈdaɪin/


Early 20th century from di-‘two’ + -ene.