Definition of differential diagnosis in English:

differential diagnosis


  • The process of differentiating between two or more conditions which share similar signs or symptoms.

    ‘These questions pursue whether the autopsy provided clarification of differential diagnoses, confirmed major diagnoses, and provided information about treatment effects.’
    • ‘In conclusion, the differential diagnosis in renal allograft biopsy is quite broad.’
    • ‘These tumors are rare, but clinically should be considered in the differential diagnoses of cervical lesions.’
    • ‘The differential diagnosis on a biopsy included adenoid cystic carcinoma and basal cell adenoma.’
    • ‘Aneurysmal bone cyst should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a laryngeal lesion containing giant cells.’


differential diagnosis

/ˈˌdifəˈren(t)SHəl ˌdīəɡˈnōsəs/ /ˈˌdɪfəˈrɛn(t)ʃəl ˌdaɪəɡˈnoʊsəs/