Definition of differential equation in English:

differential equation

Pronunciation /ˈˌdɪfəˈrɛn(t)ʃəl əˈkweɪʒən/


  • An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions.

    ‘Many of these mathematicians turned to other topics such as topology, differential equations, and functions of a complex variable.’
    • ‘He then wrote on algebraic functions, differential equations and complex analysis.’
    • ‘He summed series, and discovered addition theorems for trigonometric and hyperbolic functions using the differential equations they satisfy.’
    • ‘What is also fascinating is that the different types of solution of the quadratic equation lead to quite different solutions of the differential equation.’
    • ‘We can make this description more mathematical by formulating a differential equation for the proportion of individuals in each class (the equations are shown at the end of the article).’