Definition of differential operator in English:

differential operator


another term for del
‘He used what he called the ‘fluxio-differential’ method, so called because it used two independent first-order Leibniz type differential operators.’
  • ‘In these papers a special role is played by expansions in terms of the eigenfunctions of linear differential operators.’
  • ‘He showed how to extend Laplace's series to give a perturbing function in the case of elliptical orbits by introducing differential operators which act on the Laplace coefficients.’
  • ‘Formal properties of differential operators are studied in many of his contributions, in particular in his early papers he worked on commuting differential operators.’
  • ‘And we all know that the Laplacian operator is by far the most important differential operator in Mathematical Physics.’


differential operator

/ˌdifəˈren(t)SHəl ˈäpəˌrādər/ /ˌdɪfəˈrɛn(t)ʃəl ˈɑpəˌreɪdər/