Definition of diffractometer in English:



  • An instrument for measuring diffraction, chiefly used to determine the structure of a crystal by analysis of the diffraction of X-rays.

    ‘One way to quash remaining doubts that the salts are really there, however, would be to equip a Martian rover with an X-ray diffractometer - an instrument that analyzes the properties of crystals.’
    • ‘The specimens were then ground to a fine powder and analyzed individually in an X-ray diffractometer to determine carbonate polymorph mineralogy.’
    • ‘These could include microscopes; magnetic resonance, infrared, and mass spectrometers; x-ray diffractometers; chromatographs; enzymatic assays; even DNA sequencers.’
    • ‘The diffraction constant for the diffractometer was calculated using a grating with 0.1 turn spacings.’
    • ‘X-ray scattering theory and the liquid diffractometer used here have been described previously.’



/ˌdifrakˈtämədər/ /ˌdɪfrækˈtɑmədər/