Definition of diffusible in English:


Pronunciation /dəˈfyo͞ozəb(ə)l/ /dəˈfjuzəb(ə)l/


  • Able to intermingle by diffusion.

    ‘diffusible factors in the cytoplasm’
    • ‘Recent studies have investigated the source and target neurons for the diffusible neuronal messenger molecule nitric oxide in the nervous system of the locust.’
    • ‘Thus, for example, it seems impossible for nerve terminals to store a significant amount of an unstable and highly diffusible gas like nitric oxide: it must be synthesized on demand and diffuse instantly into the synaptic space.’
    • ‘By filtering the entry of cytosolic contents into each bead with the prehydrated dialysis membranes, only diffusible molecules below a certain size are permitted to enter the bead.’
    • ‘In most cases the model assumes that the activated molecule is diffusible, and the washout occurs whenever the rate of diffusion exceeds rate of formation of the molecule.’
    • ‘Namely, the inactivator molecule has to be diffusible in its active state.’