Definition of dig one's own grave in English:

dig one's own grave


  • Do something foolish that causes one to fail or be ruined.

    ‘you're digging your own grave by walking away right now’
    • ‘Like the smoker, you dug your own grave - deal with it.’
    • ‘It is a classic example of one digging one's own grave - to put it in simple language that a common man can understand.’
    • ‘Trying to sue the rightful winner now and not backing down is just digging her own grave.’
    • ‘In piling still more words on the problem, hasn't he dug his own grave?’
    • ‘Seth has no idea about arguing effectively, and therefore, he dug his own grave.’
    • ‘At the moment, she had thought it was the best thing that had ever happened to her but now she realized that at that instant she had dug her own grave.’
    • ‘You're digging your own grave by walking away right now.’
    • ‘‘You're digging your own grave, brother,’ he warned.’
    • ‘Instead he denounced them and tried to placate the army, thus digging his own grave.’