Definition of dig out in English:

dig out

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phrasal verb

  • 1dig something out, dig out somethingExtract something from the ground by breaking up and moving earth.

    • ‘I dug out a tree stump’
    1. 1.1dig something out, dig out somethingMake a hole, ditch, etc. by breaking up and moving earth.
      • ‘he dug out a fire pit in front of his tent’
  • 2dig something out, dig out somethingBring out something after a search or investigation.

    ‘they dug out last year's notes’
    • ‘Manchester Royal Infirmary, which is losing 1,000 pairs of crutches a year, is hoping former patients will dig them out of the loft, garage or garden shed and bring them back - no questions asked.’
    • ‘I could dig out old journals and search but that's an activity fraught with danger.’
    • ‘Releasing my now trembling hand, she searched through her black purse, digging out a lighter and pack of cigarettes.’
    • ‘So, dig out your latest bank statement, check it carefully and cancel the direct debits and standing orders that you don't need any more.’
    • ‘Eventually, his research team dug up the English translation and the original story in Chinese and figured out what was going on.’
    • ‘For starters, where in the wide world of Wall Street are they going to dig up the investors to pony up the capital for yet another national wireless network?’
    • ‘Let me dig out a pen.’
    • ‘If you want to spend a few moments with the big cheese himself, load your camera, dig out a pen, and get in line here.’
    • ‘The girls on the next to the back pew would inevitably dig out some gum or candy and share with the guys on the back pew.’