Definition of Digambara in English:



  • A member of one of two principal sects of Jainism, which was formed as a result of doctrinal schism in about AD 80 and continues today in parts of southern India. Male ascetic members of the sect traditionally reject property ownership and do not wear clothes.

    See also Svetambara

    ‘The Svetambaras mainly remained in Gujarat, Kathiavar and parts of Rajasthan and the Digambaras were dominant in the Southern states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.’
    • ‘He is not a monk yet, as he is still wearing a loincloth and thus cannot qualify to be called a nirgrantha or a Digambara.’
    • ‘If a person is equanimous he attains liberation without fail no matter whether he is Svetambara or a Digambara or a Bauddha or a follower of any other religious sect.’
    • ‘The Digambaras were excluded from the council, and they later rejected the decisions of the council.’



/dəˈɡämbərə/ /dəˈɡɑmbərə/


From Sanskrit digambara, literally ‘sky-clad’, i.e. naked.