Definition of digerati in English:


plural noun

  • People with expertise or professional involvement in information technology.

    • ‘When someone sends something interesting he forwards it along, and the digerati who are part of the list depend on his unerring sense of what's important to keep the signal-noise ratio extremely high.’
    • ‘The dominance of the digerati is disappointing, but I have to applaud the fact that a core element of our security profession sees the wisdom of building a security metrics database.’
    • ‘The self-congratulation of the digerati truly knows no bounds.’
    • ‘Despite its virulence, the Klez worm is ignored by the newspapers and dismissed by the digerati.’
    • ‘At the time blogs, although ancient in the ever-evolving space of the digerati, were relatively new to church culture.’
    • ‘The second change is what is happening offline, in what the digerati refer to as the ‘analog world’ or ‘meatspace.’’
    • ‘Unlike the old digital divide, this means that the divide between the digerati and the rest of the world is accelerating.’
    • ‘I can think of a couple digerati that I know.’
    • ‘By forwarding the e-mail to as many friends as possible, digerati increased their chances of winning.’
    • ‘The digerati gather to discuss life as seen through their laptops.’
    • ‘Achieving such triumphs has enabled this digerati to emerge as a powerhouse within his organization and the industry.’
    • ‘And, perhaps just as important, do you need members like him to make your businesses a success, or are there enough college kids, job seekers, free agents, and digerati to keep the new networks booming?’
    • ‘It is instead an informal salon, a forum for eminent scientists, members of the digerati and science journalists from all over the world to wrangle, show off, provoke and explain themselves.’
    • ‘You just have to think differently, and more traditionally, than many of the still wet-behind-the-ears digerati who created the dot-com bubble.’
    • ‘Political missives protesting the arrival of the digerati into the poor, largely Latino neighborhood take up wall space between shops and buildings.’
    • ‘It's easy to dismiss them as toys for the digerati.’
    • ‘A new myth, the archetypal collaborative business, has taken hold in the collective unconscious of the digerati.’
    • ‘For many digerati, they're never fully dressed without their favorite high-tech gadgets.’
    • ‘If the answer is no, you're either a hard core digerati or a NY media type.’
    • ‘There is a huge gap between the cutting edge digerati and the common man.’


1990s blend of digital and literati.