Definition of digging stick in English:

digging stick


  • A primitive digging implement consisting of a pointed stick, sometimes weighted with a stone.

    ‘During these travels, the rural Melpa may dress in their traditional clothing and carry the tools of traditional life, such as stone axes and digging sticks.’
    • ‘One-and two-year-olds use knives, axes, and digging sticks.’
    • ‘Where the ancient Maya used stone tools for clearing and hardened the end of the digging stick with fire, today's farmer uses a steel machete and metal-tipped stick.’
    • ‘Drawn in the tradition of rock art, these last depict the weapons and utensils necessary for hunting and fighting - spears, shields, boomerangs, digging sticks, sharpening stones and tomahawks.’
    • ‘There is a marked jump in evolution: camps have revealed pottery, hearths, fire sticks and digging sticks.’
    • ‘The central and coastal Asmat traditionally produced decorated shields, spears, digging sticks, canoes, bows and arrows, and a wide range of elaborate carvings.’
    • ‘In the women's version of the rite the performers are painted from head to heels with yellow ochre and wear no other items apart from digging sticks or their equivalents.’
    • ‘Women assumed leadership in food and medicinal plant collecting, using digging sticks to collect various types of roots, or tubers.’
    • ‘It is probable that the appearance of lithic artefacts was preceded by a long period in which plants were used as raw materials for tools, similar to the digging sticks and twig probes employed by chimpanzees today.’
    • ‘The new niche was a logical move for organisms that had already used stones to break open bones and digging sticks to excavate tubers.’
    • ‘According to data obtained during the research period, the Gumz use fairly simple agricultural tools, including the chopper, sickle, hoe, axe, and iron-tipped digging stick.’
    • ‘Then along come the civilized hordes brandishing digging sticks, picks, shovels, plows, diskers, harrows, rippers, breakers, punches, drills, blades, wheels, tracks, and skateboards.’
    • ‘Terminal Archaic miners entered the deep recesses of 3rd Unnamed Cave and, using digging sticks (whose marks are visible in several pit walls), dug into the fluvial sediments in search of cobble-sized chert nodules.’
    • ‘The Tigre practice a seminomadic way of life, migrating to grazing lands with their animals during the dry season and cultivating with hoes and digging sticks during the rainy season.’
    • ‘The jukurrpa story of the site concerns ancestral women collecting ceremonial digging sticks - karlangu - that had emerged from the ground.’
    • ‘None were armed at the time, but weapons and digging sticks (yam-sticks) were close at hand, as was conventional in any camp.’
    • ‘Were the earliest hominids able to fashion digging sticks, or were they merely using their hands, the way savanna baboons do today?’
    • ‘The clay is homogeneous and fine grained, and it was mined wherever large chunks could be removed using hands and digging sticks.’
    • ‘It is largely men who use chert knives, although occasionally women will, for instance to smooth the handles of their digging sticks.’
    • ‘He interprets this as reflecting the use of different agricultural technologies with the Langford peoples using a digging stick while the Fisher-Huber peoples employed scapula hoes.’


digging stick

/ˈdiɡiNG stik/ /ˈdɪɡɪŋ stɪk/