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  • A digital camera.

    ‘The second thing I learned is that I probably need a telephoto lens for my digicam.’
    • ‘That's why there are 8X10 view cameras as well as pocket digicams.’
    • ‘It's therefore my contention that with the exception of consumer digicams the future lies in full-frame SLRs, not ones with 1.5X or similar magnification factors.’
    • ‘There's also a 1.3 megapixel digicam with 4x digital zoom.’
    • ‘This is truly the smallest digicam I've ever reviewed and weighs in as the smallest 2.1mp digital camera on the market.’
    • ‘But you really won't mind that, after all it's one, if not the most important component in a digicam.’
    • ‘I walked back to my room and came back with a digicam and took a few frames.’
    • ‘That is pretty good, considering that most shots I take with other compact digicams get blurry at two times that shutter speed.’
    • ‘The first bit of good news for the consumer is that 3-megapixel digicams now cost about the same as the earlier 2-megapixel ones.’
    • ‘For prints 8x10 or larger, one should look for digicams with 4-megapixel resolution or higher.’
    • ‘The level of detail outstrips many of the seven megapixel digicams on the market.’
    • ‘Let's hope that video clips will be occasional items in a blog and not, that in times to come, we will see hordes of people sitting in front of poorly focused digicams or webcams, droning on day after day!’
    • ‘What's wrong with my camera, and should I just buy a digicam instead?’
    • ‘I don't use any kind of camera at all, but I would like a digicam, just because.’
    • ‘For the unplanned slice-of-life and people photos that I like to make, small digicams are too slow to use and have mediocre viewfinders and too much depth of field, while digital SLRs are too big.’
    • ‘The digicam is backed with still and video capture code.’
    • ‘My brain keeps telling me I'm using an SLR, not a digicam, so I want to use it like an SLR.’
    • ‘Typical consumer digicams fare somewhere in the lower middle of the pack and capture about 6-9 stops of detail, depending on the bit depth used in the digital capture process, the sensor size and a few other factors.’
    • ‘It seems a basic concept but armed with laptops, mobiles and digicams the whole claims process can be addressed far more efficiently with our own software.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, with digicams getting some buzz for showing up on business-oriented cell phones and handheld devices, manufacturers are prompting professionals to consider going digital.’



/ˈdijəˌkam/ /ˈdɪdʒəˌkæm/