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  • 1Any of the numerals from 0 to 9, especially when forming part of a number.

    ‘This invention was the decimal system of numerals - nine digits and a zero.’
    • ‘The petrol stations claimed their manual display signs had only space for three digits, two digits before the decimal point and one digit after.’
    • ‘But it was also well ahead of many hospitals, some of whom had no cases or figures in single digits.’
    • ‘As of February 1, they should be written by a whole number and two digits after the decimal sign.’
    • ‘Most of us would put the figure in a single digit in each metro.’
    • ‘Sure, it's possible to show two significant digits based on the data you collected, but is it really reliable?’
    • ‘But in Russia, the figure hovered in single digits - between two and six per cent.’
    • ‘In maths they should be able to multiply two digits by two digits, read graphs as well as working with percentages and fractions.’
    • ‘Then I'm asked for the first and fourth digits of my five digit passcode.’
    • ‘Other researchers have contrasted number words, digits, dot patterns, or Roman numerals.’
    • ‘So, although it's a practical way to test integers smaller than 10 billion, which have nine digits, it fails miserably for integers of 25 digits or more.’
    • ‘Notice that the floating-point versions have a single digit, a decimal point, then the rest of the significant digits.’
    • ‘Integers have no digits to the right of the decimal point.’
    • ‘In the articulatory suppression condition, the subjects recalled significantly fewer digits than in the listening condition.’
    • ‘The final two digits signify the year in which the wine was tested and the number immediately before this one is the number of the particular bottling in that year.’
    • ‘It must be some model if it can produce forecasts to four significant digits.’
    • ‘In a decimal number, the actual value represented by a digit in that number is determined by the numeral and the position of the numeral within the number.’
    • ‘When the race time mnemonic could not apply, he used other techniques, such as interpretation of 3 digits as ages (with one decimal point).’
    • ‘It's actually, the critical fingers seem to be digit two and digit four and the ratio of the lengths of those digits around the central digit.’
    • ‘All local numbers in the affected areas will get two extra digits changing them from five digit numbers into seven digit numbers.’
    numeral, number, figure, integer
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  • 2A finger (including the thumb) or toe.

    ‘There are up to 17 phalanges (finger bones) in each digit.’
    • ‘Specialists say the thumb - considered by many as an island because it is set apart from the other fingers - is among the least dexterous digit and is not meant to be rigorously worked out.’
    • ‘This guy's got his finger in so many pies that said digit should be permanently blueberried.’
    • ‘It spread to his hands as he felt them remold, his fifth digits being restored to thumbs as the rest of his digits were restored to fingers.’
    • ‘Predominant locations of ulcer occurrence are the submetatarsal areas, distal digits, and medial fifth digit.’
    • ‘The subject possessed two arms with a hand on each that consisted of two identical digits roughly the same size as a human index finger and a central major digit approximately as large as corncob.’
    • ‘Fingers spread over her thighs, each digit gave off a bright, fiery glow.’
    • ‘The most commonly affected digits are the thumb and index finger.’
    • ‘We could hope that only one or two fingers would fall off with the snare and some functioning digits would remain.’
    • ‘It resulted in a cinema that jerks two fingers up at the mainstream and, at the same time, demonstrates a determination to jerk a single, rude digit up the backside of independent cinema.’
    • ‘He was doing something much less drastic than severing a digit or limb, but still painful.’
    • ‘At the nearby convenience store, we applied cold cervesas to our swollen digits and limbs.’
    finger, thumb, toe
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    1. 2.1Zoology An equivalent structure at the end of the limbs of many higher vertebrates.
      ‘All adult plethodontids have four limbs, with four digits on the forelimbs.’
      • ‘Acanthostega had limbs and eight digits on each hand and foot, and also had fish characteristics like gills, fins, and sensory organs that only worked underwater.’
      • ‘The oldest tetrapods had seven or eight digits on each limb; the ancestral pattern for living tetrapods is five digits on each limb (such as the five fingers and toes of humans).’
      • ‘Yet the bizarre Mononykus had tiny forelimbs with a single digit and was obviously flightless.’
      • ‘The first digit, or dew claw, is rudimentary but clawed and does not contact the ground.’



/ˈdijət/ /ˈdɪdʒət/


Late Middle English from Latin digitus ‘finger, toe’; digit (sense 1) arose from the practice of counting on the fingers.