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digital audiotape

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(also DAT)
  • Magnetic tape which is used to make digital sound recordings of very high quality.

    ‘I used it to restore the entire directory from DAT (digital audiotape), which took about 20 minutes.’
    • ‘Unitary currents were recorded using a RK - 300 patch-clamp amplifier with a 10 - G feedback resistance and stored on digital audiotape.’
    • ‘There's a way of thinking about digital videotape in the same way that you would think about digital audiotape, and a lot of contemporary musicians will use distortion as a characteristic of the music they're making.’
    • ‘The information in the messenger RNAs can be converted into a form of DNA called complementary DNA or cDNA - kind of like copying a music CD to digital audiotape; same information, just in a different form.’


digital audiotape

/ˈdijidl ˈôdēōˌtāp/ /ˈdɪdʒɪdl ˈɔdioʊˌteɪp/