Definition of digital detox in English:

digital detox


  • A period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world.

    • ‘break free of your devices and go on a digital detox’
    • ‘In the meantime, you can now go into "digital detox" at hotels and spas like the Fairmont Banff Springs, where you hand over your devices, and commit to massages, not messages.’
    • ‘He is undergoing a digital detox this weekend.’
    • ‘The group encourages individuals and communities to take a digital detox and rediscover the world around them.’
    • ‘Gillian was a guest on a recent episode of John's podcast, discussing how each initially got interested in technology, what excites people that write about technology all the time, and the notion of a digital detox and disconnecting from technology.’
    • ‘Could you survive a tech-free weekend on a "digital detox"?’
    • ‘The clinic specializes in digital detox, weaning the dependent off their gadgets.’
    • ‘After my four-day Digital Detox, I made a few sensible changes to my signal-to-noise ratio that really helped.’
    • ‘Time for a digital detox! This is the perfect way to take your mind off your job.’
    • ‘Four roommates who confess they're online "pretty much all day" make a pact to engage in a digital detox - two weeks without smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, and more.’
    • ‘Schevitz estimates that about 10,000 people participated in some sort of digital detox either on their own or through group events such as a Device-Free Drinks gathering in San Francisco.’
    • ‘The World Travel Market Global Trends Report even listed digital detox as one of the next big trends to hit the hospitality industry in the coming year.’
    • ‘This 'digital detox', as she calls it, means no phones, no laptops, no tablets - nothing is permitted which might connect me to the outside world.’
    • ‘When forced into a digital detox, as I was during a recent sailing trip to Southern California's Santa Cruz Island, I relaxed far more quickly and completely than I had on past vacations.’
    • ‘With increasing rates of ADHD, shortened attention spans in children, and physical side effects from sitting hunched over all day, Adams is part of a growing group that are urging people to go on a 'digital detox'.’
    • ‘Call it a digital detox or an escape from the online world, scientists say our brains benefit from down time.’
    • ‘As with any detox or when breaking any habit, a digital detox can be ugly.’