Definition of digital footprint in English:

digital footprint


  • The information about a particular person that exists on the internet as a result of their online activity.

    ‘there are several ways to ensure your digital footprint doesn't damage your reputation’
    • ‘Some parents worry that their child's digital footprint is too personal.’
    • ‘All three were in need of an Internet reputation manager, someone who could help save their online reputation by cleaning up undesirable digital footprints.’
    • ‘"We like to see a well-rounded historic Facebook or Twitter profile as part of a potential customer's digital footprint."’
    • ‘They're trying to find some kind of digital footprint for this young man.’
    • ‘If it's a case of hacking, he says, they'll trace the digital footprint to IP addresses databases with the information to see if they've been compromised.’
    • ‘The misstep does suggest that he has not fully understood that trying to hide one's digital footprint is practically futile.’
    • ‘It might be that the volume of information becomes so high that people just get lost in all the noise, and your digital footprint is hard to track.’
    • ‘The article details the 'digital footprints' of MPs in social media, with a list of the most interactive MPs and parties on Twitter.’