Definition of digital humanities in English:

digital humanities

plural noun

treated as singular or plural
  • An academic field concerned with the application of computational tools and methods to traditional humanities disciplines such as literature, history, and philosophy.

    ‘I'm teaching a graduate seminar in the digital humanities’
    • ‘Digital Humanities has forced us to think "outside the box".’
    • ‘Doug brings to MITH strong skills as a programmer and as a working scholar in the Digital Humanities.’
    • ‘In the past two years, the Endowment has made a concerted effort to take a leadership position in exploring the new frontier of the digital humanities.’
    • ‘I'm now teaching internet technologies (amongst other things) at UCL, and continuing to do research in digital humanities.’
    • ‘Dr. Gill and I are both art historians, so our approach to digital humanities differs from those projects we have heard about today.’
    • ‘Similar efforts are currently proliferating under the broad rubric of "digital humanities," but Moretti's approach is among the more radical.’
    • ‘Projects in the digital humanities present computer scientists with unique scientific and technological challenges.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the viability of digital humanities depends on having tools for automatically extracting the semantic relationships that hold within and between different texts.’
    • ‘Kirschenbaum specializes in digital humanities, electronic literature and creative new media (including games), textual studies, and postmodern/experimental literature.’