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digital television

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(also DTV)
  • Television broadcasting in which the pictures are transmitted as digital signals which are decoded by a device in or attached to the receiving television set.

    ‘Viewers receive digital television through their phone line and a set-top box.’
    • ‘Interactive digital television and even touch-tone phones may soon act as alternatives to to crossing ballot papers in local schools and halls.’
    • ‘So you get an awful lot of reporting on things like changes to digital television and Pay-TV and that sort of thing, far more than you do on other things, far, far more.’
    • ‘Working with China Central Television it brings digital television to rural villages.’
    • ‘Viewers will also get their chance to express their opinion - voting either online, via digital television or by telephone during the programme.’
    • ‘Viewers can participate through phone, digital television and text and give their opinions on the merits of each case.’
    • ‘The public will be able to vote for their best-loved novel in the Top 21 by phone, text, digital television or internet.’
    • ‘And where a digital television is linked to a telephone line, the remote control can be used to vote in a wide range of reality TV shows.’
    • ‘The simple, free proposition enables viewers to access digital television via their aerials for a one-off cost from around £50.’
    • ‘It will provide a showcase of local technology, focusing on digital television, satellite broadband and the internet.’
    • ‘Like digital television, it could take years to be fully introduced.’
    • ‘The additional growth of satellite and cable ensures that digital television will soon be enjoyed by the majority of the UK.’
    • ‘At a glance, it would seem so, but this fails to take into account the change in viewing patterns that digital television brings.’
    • ‘Using text messages and the red button on digital television the UK audience can register their feelings on the arguments as they unfold.’
    • ‘Free digital television has a huge appeal and shows no signs of slowing down.’
    • ‘The move to digital television has changed this.’
    • ‘Take this high-definition digital television that supposedly everyone will be using a few years from now.’
    • ‘We haven't looked at consolidation in the context of digital television and the new technologies.’
    • ‘And we will keep a watching brief on interactivity and digital television.’
    • ‘Apart from hundreds of new channels, digital television promises viewers a bigger and better picture, crisper sound and clearer vision.’


digital television

/ˌdijədl ˈteləˌviZH(ə)n/ /ˌdɪdʒədl ˈtɛləˌvɪʒ(ə)n/