Definition of digital video recorder in English:

digital video recorder


  • A device that records audio and video input, typically from a television signal, on to a hard disk.

    ‘The devices probably would plug right into the digital video recorders through a USB (universal serial bus) connection.’
    • ‘It's three products in one: a digital video recorder, an Internet browser and a satellite receiver.’
    • ‘You can use it to connect any device that has a standard Ethernet port, including consumer devices such as internet radios, digital video recorders and other internet appliances.’
    • ‘The computer looks like a digital video recorder and its companion monitor so resembles a television that most people probably wouldn't believe it's a PC.’
    • ‘These are devices (such as digital video recorders and Internet access devices) that connect to the TV but are typically downstream of the decoder box.’
    • ‘Although only six million homes today have digital video recorders, by 2020 half of American television households, or 58 million homes, will have them.’
    • ‘The digital video recorder, formerly known as the personal video recorder was everywhere.’
    • ‘The digital video recorders we cover here include at least a hard disk drive for initially capturing video and a DVD recorder for saving hard disk recordings.’
    • ‘The software is capable of acting as a digital video recorder, whether it's TV, camcorder or VCR.’
    • ‘In an era when fragmentation, multitasking and digital video recorders undermine traditional television business models, sports have become one of the last bastions of engaged mass audiences.’
    • ‘Smart surveillance solutions require networked surveillance cameras and digital video recorders, combined with advanced recognition and tracking applications.’
    • ‘So you're interested in turning your PC into a digital video recorder, but the notion of opening your computer to install a TV-tuner card gives you the shakes.’
    • ‘Japanese advertisers, like those in the U.S., worry about growing use of digital video recorders, now in 15% of Japan's homes.’
    • ‘The advent of personal digital video recorders has transformed the experience of watching TV for millions of people.’
    • ‘Within the next two years we will see the elimination for the need of digital video recorders (DVRs).’
    • ‘He placed an order for 20 million digital video recorders for his customers.’
    • ‘A digital video recorder can be used to allow users to fast forward through segments of a recorded video signal, such as commercial breaks, while still allowing the advertiser a limited opportunity to present an advertising message.’
    • ‘Home entertainment is going through a new evolution, thanks to the digital video recorder.’