Definition of digitoxin in English:



  • A compound with similar properties to digoxin and found with it in the foxglove and similar plants.

    ‘Some are used as pure compounds from the traditional medicinal plants, such as atropine, morphine, quinine & digitoxin and other modifications of such compounds, such as aspirin and local anesthetics.’
    • ‘Digitalis purpurea became known as digitoxin and later, digoxin was marketed.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the whole-leaf preparations, digitoxin, or digoxin may each be considered as a satisfactory product for the initiation and maintenance of digitalization.’
    • ‘In the absence of atrial fibrillation the use of digoxin and digitoxin has been more controversial and until recently it was evaluated in randomised controlled trials with major methodological flaws.’
    • ‘A less toxic but similar compound, digoxin from another species of foxgloves, replaced digitoxin and is still preferred by many physicians for relieving the condition.’



/ˌdijiˈtäksin/ /ˌdɪdʒɪˈtɑksɪn/