Definition of digressively in English:



See digressive

‘Whether digressively or directly, at a walk or at a run, the motion is on the ground and by foot, putting its weight part by part onto the terrain to be covered.’
  • ‘Even while he appears to be ambling digressively, he sets a stiff pace; there are few concessions to readers wanting assumptions restated or conclusions underlined.’
  • ‘This reader devoted to the great writer therefore appealingly begins with his later work, when he is in full, digressively brilliant voice writing about Paris.’
  • ‘There are stretches where one of his characters speaks or thinks so digressively and apparently irrelevantly that it can be a chore to keep reading.’
  • ‘As if in homage to eclectic early modern works, he includes a wide range of topics, allowing his narrative to lose focus as he digressively follows biographical and historical threads.’



/dīˈɡresivlē/ /daɪˈɡrɛsɪvli/