Definition of dilatancy in English:



  • The phenomenon exhibited by some fluids, sols, and gels in which they become more viscous or solid under pressure.

    ‘Grain-scale brittle dilatancy would increase permeability, readily promoting the influx of CO2-rich hydrous fluids into the fault zone soon after its initiation.’
    • ‘Association with vertical joints suggests that the deformation is progressively evolving towards dilatancy with increasing tectonically induced differential stress.’
    • ‘It also distinguishes between two types of hardening, namely shear hardening and compression hardening and incorporates soil dilatancy and a yield cap.’
    • ‘Volumetric strain energy density predicts the tendency for deformation band nucleation, the growth stage at which the deformation bands are defined by pore space dilatancy or collapse.’
    • ‘Yet other experiments suggest that the change in strength at the CMF is due to dilatancy hardening at low melt fractions.’



/dīˈlātnsē/ /daɪˈleɪtnsi/