Definition of dill pickle in English:

dill pickle


  • Pickled cucumber flavored with dill.

    ‘pastrami on rye with crunchy dill pickle’
    • ‘serve with pumpernickel, crisp dill pickles, and a green salad’
    • ‘Serve with the usual suspects of gherkins, dill pickle and cos lettuce, but you might also like to add shavings of fresh Parmesan.’
    • ‘She had been served a cold roast beef and provolone cheese on Italian bread sandwich; dill pickle; hard boiled eggs that Paul had peeled, salt and peppered for her; and a green salad with all her favorite things, including the dressing on it.’
    • ‘For instance, if you're craving something sweet, sip something tart, such as water with lemon in it, or nosh on a dill pickle.’
    • ‘A turkey burger is sweeter and lighter than a beefburger and can be teamed with all or any of your favourite burger toppings, from melted cheese to mustard or dill pickles.’
    • ‘About five summers ago, not having any idea what I was in for, I finally took the plunge and entered raspberry jam, lemon curd, garden salsa, dill pickles and tomatoes in the California State Fair.’
    • ‘One guy actually had an order of fried dill pickles in front of him.’
    • ‘First off, they're tart - lip-smackingly tart - and for those of us who relish dill pickles, lemons and Granny Smith apples, they're a welcome addition to our food repertoire.’
    • ‘The President of the United States of America was holding a glass of Bordeaux 1990 in his right hand, and balancing a plate of caviar and Polish dill pickles in the other.’
    • ‘Regular dill pickles and sauerkraut are fermented and cured for about 3 weeks.’
    • ‘For instance, I love nothing more than a sandwich made of peanut butter and dill pickles.’
    • ‘Other sandwiches come stuffed with prosciutto and artichokes, another with egg salad, green peas and dill pickles, or with feta, cucumber and onions.’
    • ‘Vodka was first distilled in Poland in the sixteenth century and is consumed with food, commonly sausage, dill pickles, or herring, as a chaser.’
    • ‘We ate a supper consisting of Nachos, with three different kinds of cheeses, hot peppers, and dill pickles, and a green salad, which he chopped up for me while I was trying to feed Chase his mashed potatoes that my mother insisted he eat.’
    • ‘I imagine at State Dinners even breadsticks, celery stalks and kosher dill pickles will come under excruciatingly close scrutiny.’
    • ‘We started with some deep fried dill pickles - pickle spears dipped in cornmeal batter and then deep-fried.’
    • ‘My stomach felt queasy, like a day at the zoo - too much cotton candy, and too many dill pickles (sweet and sour).’
    • ‘A serving of Russian beef stew with dill pickles and capers which would serve two costs just 4.95.’
    • ‘She hasn't looked back, and when her nephew flew in from Iowa, she managed to open a large jar of dill pickles for him with a flourish.’
    • ‘And what happens if the profit margin is large in cereals, but small in dill pickles?’
    • ‘So April was right, as far as dill pickles are concerned, those darned Canadians have got it sussed.’


dill pickle

/dil ˈpikəl/ /dɪl ˈpɪkəl/