Definition of dim sum in English:

dim sum

Pronunciation /ˌdim ˈsəm/ /ˌdɪm ˈsəm/


  • A Chinese dish of small steamed or fried savory dumplings containing various fillings, served as a snack or main course.

    ‘There is Chinese food too - bean-curd soup, dim sum and spring rolls.’
    • ‘Sake wine and whiskey are also the order of the day, along with delicious bar snacks from sashimi and dim sum to fried oysters and Japanese sausage.’
    • ‘There are Filipino stews, take out Chinese dim sum, or German sausages and French pastries at a deli.’
    • ‘The dish is one variety of the popular Chinese dim sum, usually served before a main meal.’
    • ‘The food is an exotic mix of tapas and dim sum, so you eat chorizo and calamari one minute, spring rolls and satay the next.’
    • ‘The dishes will then be delivered at home five times a day, which includes main courses, drinks, vegetables, fruit, dim sum and Chinese herbs.’
    • ‘During the day it offers set menus and afternoon tea with Cantonese dishes and dim sum at reasonable prices.’
    • ‘Of all the great Chinese cuisine, dim sum stands out as a perennial favorite around the world.’
    • ‘Let us know what your favorite fried fish or grits place is; tell us where the best deli is, where the top dim sum is.’
    • ‘The dim sum were similarly faultless, beautiful little shells served in the plump, squeaky prime of their short lives - the advantage of a short menu and the personnel to make them to order.’
    • ‘The dim sum promises to be ‘heavenly’, while the tomato soup guarantees to boost the body's ‘healing power’.’
    • ‘Nowadays, various dim sum are also sold in takeaways as many students and office workers' day-to-day breakfast.’
    • ‘The children also enjoyed a little Chinese cuisine as they tucked into a feast of seaweed, rice parcels wrapped in lotus laves, dim sum, noodles and prawn crackers.’
    • ‘Obviously the queues are prompted by the availability of dim sum.’
    • ‘Wontons may be steamed or pan fried or deep-fried; and are often served in soups, or as items in dim sum.’
    • ‘I would be happy to drink large quantities of this easy white with all manner of fragrant dim sum, too.’
    • ‘The dim sum - a range of delicious individual dishes like a Chinese version of tapas - weren't served after 6pm, our waitress explained apologetically.’
    • ‘You'd notice she's athletic and has an eclectic sense of style, and you'd be impressed that she eats sushi and dim sum.’
    • ‘If you're searching for the perfect dim sum or sushi, try Chinatown and Little Tokyo.’
    • ‘This makes the dim sum fresh, and makes other dim sum seem greasy and congealed by comparison.’


Chinese (Cantonese) tim sam, from tim ‘dot’ and sam ‘heart’.