Definition of dimensionless in English:



See dimension

‘So I count eleven parameters - really only ten, since only dimensionless ratios of mass scales matter - each of which needs to be specified to three significant digits or fewer.’
  • ‘We have learned to see photographs, not so much as substantive objects, but as flat, dimensionless, even transparent windows that give view to other places and times.’
  • ‘In string theory the known elementary particles are no longer described as dimensionless mathematical point-objects but rather as extended one-dimensional objects (hence the name ‘string’).’
  • ‘The two models give comparable fits to the fluorescence profile taken through the center of the contact area, once the dimensionless parameters are adjusted for the true contact area model.’
  • ‘For the purpose of biological fluid dynamics, scale is represented by the dimensionless Reynolds number, a ratio that reflects the influence of inertial relative to viscous forces.’



/dəˈmen(t)SH(ə)nləs/ /dəˈmɛn(t)ʃ(ə)nləs/