Definition of dimerous in English:



  • 1Botany Zoology
    Having parts arranged in groups of two.

    ‘Most basal Eudicots are dimerous or trimerous, with only occasionally pentamerous types (Sabiaceae, Ranunculaceae) which represent homoplasious trends.’
    • ‘This thallus structure with dimerous organization allows Arenigiphyllum to be compared with extant members of Corallinales, both Corallinaceae and Sporolithaceae.’
    • ‘These applanate thalli are dimerous and in many examples only have the prostrate filaments and one epithallial cell in the perpendicular system.’
    • ‘The stele is divided into three parts, the tetramerous proxistele closest to the theca tapering through the mesistele to the dimerous dististele furtherest from the theca.’
    1. 1.1Consisting of two joints or parts.



/ˈdimərəs/ /ˈdɪmərəs/


Early 19th century from modern Latin dimerus (from Greek dimerēs ‘bipartite’) + -ous.