Definition of dimetrodon in English:



  • A large, carnivorous, synapsid fossil reptile of the Permian period, with long spines on its back supporting a sail-like crest.

    Genus Dimetrodon, order Pelycosauria, subclass Synapsida

    ‘What about the 30-inch dragonflies, six inch cockroaches, and the dimetrodons of the Permian period?’
    • ‘I was inhaling ancient molecular effluvia of dimetrodons and plesiosaurs, pterodactyls and tyrannosauruses.’
    • ‘But the iguanas in dinosaur costumes, super-sized dimetrodons, superimposed supposed menaces, don't cut it.’
    • ‘He also created a pair of pre-dinosaur animals, dimetrodons, now on display at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.’
    • ‘Just yesterday, he glanced up from one of his books and exclaimed, ‘Hey, Mom, this says that dimetrodons were 29 feet long!’’



/dīˈmetrəˌdän/ /daɪˈmɛtrəˌdɑn/


Modern Latin, from di- ‘twice’ + Greek metron ‘measure’ + odous, odont- ‘tooth’ (taken in the sense ‘two long teeth’).