Definition of diminishable in English:



See diminish

‘That case comprises two major portions such that the length of the case is not diminishable during transportation.’
  • ‘True teachings have their foundation in Sacred Scripture and are understood to be neither diminishable nor reversible.’
  • ‘This was definitely the crux of the pitch as the difficulties were stiff, but always seemed to be diminishable with thoughtful bridging and careful footwork.’
  • ‘In truth the rough message is that love is a primary virtue of great value that is not diminishable by circumstance or human limitations.’
  • ‘Human beings for example, though we are all alike, are not perfect, as is with anything diminishable in the physical world.’



/dəˈminəSHəb(ə)l/ /dəˈmɪnəʃəb(ə)l/