Definition of diminishing returns in English:

diminishing returns


  • Proportionally smaller profits or benefits derived from something as more money or energy is invested in it.

    ‘diminishing returns on infrastructure projects may reduce the promised investment gains’
    • ‘for each successive year of incarceration there are diminishing returns for crime control’
    • ‘The basis for the argument is the law of diminishing returns: As increasing amounts of a variable input are added, the returns per unit become less and less.’
    • ‘The quest for perfect information demands the highest investment of time and money and ignores the law of diminishing returns.’
    • ‘However, because of the law of diminishing returns, the way we've spent money on politics will change.’
    • ‘As the region matures, they face the law of diminishing returns where it costs an increasing amount to get less out of the ground.’
    • ‘The more exercise is taken, within a normal lifestyle, the greater the health benefit; yet a law of diminishing returns applies.’
    • ‘The law of diminishing returns limits benefits from pay boosts and bonuses.’
    • ‘Moreover, as these crops become ever more susceptible to pests, they require ever greater use of pesticides to produce equal amounts of food - a classic case of the law of diminishing returns.’
    • ‘As a result, the benefits of increased capital formation dissipate in the law of diminishing returns.’
    • ‘Those involve women outsmarting and outrunning trained government agents, and a series of tiring car chases that vividly illustrate the law of diminishing returns.’
    • ‘Asked whether another poor deal would mean further controversial hikes in parking charges, he said the council recognised all charges were affected by the law of diminishing returns.’