Definition of diminutively in English:



See diminutive

‘The diminutively handsome valley boy is definitely the band's strength - writing all the lyrics and music, except for the collaboration with his producer - but is he their weakest link too?’
  • ‘She is clearly out of her depth when it comes to African history - she mistakenly equates the Wolof language with Mande and refers to the local scene diminutively as ‘folk culture.’’
  • ‘Two powerful beings constantly bashing their physical selves against the wall; before long, a large crack could be seen and faint glow of light peeked in diminutively.’
  • ‘In the case, the logo was displayed - somewhat diminutively on both sides of the vertical stabilizer.’
  • ‘I walk through the crowd diminutively, being small and unnoticeable, looking for my mother.’