Definition of dimorphic in English:



  • Occurring in or representing two distinct forms.

    ‘in this sexually dimorphic species only the males have wings’
    • ‘In Drosophila, one of the most evident dimorphic traits is represented by the body size, with males being smaller than females.’
    • ‘This could be tested by comparing winter social systems and degree to which sex ratios are skewed in sexually monomorphic species versus sexually dimorphic species.’
    • ‘Several pieces of direct and indirect evidence suggest that dimorphic sex chromosomes have evolved from an originally homologous pair of chromosomes.’
    • ‘The ontogeny and dimorphic features of many early Middle Ordovician ostracode species are still poorly known.’
    • ‘The model is applicable more generally in species that have dimorphic males, such as some other ants, bees, and fig wasps.’



/dīˈmôrfik/ /daɪˈmɔrfɪk/


Mid 19th century from Greek dimorphos (from di- ‘twice’ + morphē ‘form’) + -ic.