Definition of Ding an sich in English:

Ding an sich

Pronunciation /ˌdiNG än ˈzik/ /ˌdɪŋ ɑn ˈzɪk/


  • (in Kant's philosophy) a thing as it is in itself, not mediated through perception by the senses or conceptualization, and therefore unknowable.

    • ‘Although Kant cannot know anything about the Ding an sich, it is crucially important for his system.’
    • ‘For him the inclusion of these voices connects back to Ding an sich, to the ‘role of other artists and their work as leader voices initiating cultural canons.’’
    • ‘If we pray, Jesus or Allah will take us to the Ding an sich.’




Ding an sich

/ˌdiNG än ˈzik/ /ˌdɪŋ ɑn ˈzɪk/