Definition of dining room in English:

dining room

Pronunciation /ˈdaɪnɪŋ ˌrum/

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  • A room in a house or hotel in which meals are eaten.

    ‘the main building has a dining room, kitchen, and TV lounge’
    • ‘a dining-room table’
    • ‘There are three bedrooms, a drawing room, a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom.’
    • ‘Best seat in the house: By the fire in the room between the dining room and the bar.’
    • ‘The group ate their meal in the dining room as the kitchen was likely to feel overcrowded.’
    • ‘Inside, even on the ground floor alone, there are a large variety of rooms, including two kitchens, a drawing room, two dining rooms and a sitting room.’
    • ‘This behemoth of a hotel has 10 dining rooms, one of which is the Picasso room, sporting a very large collection of originals.’
    • ‘For business needs, the hotel has six function rooms and private dining rooms.’
    • ‘The reception area is quite large while the sitting room and dining rooms are massive, with provision for an open fireplace in the sitting room.’
    • ‘The majority of entries are mediocre hotel dining rooms serving yesterday's cooking, food for tourists.’
    • ‘On the ground floor are two dining rooms, upstairs can house private parties.’
    • ‘Sunrises and sunsets proved spectacular, as did the views from our room and from the dining room.’
    • ‘That was only the hoovering and dusting of four bedrooms, stairs, a living room and a dining room.’
    • ‘The thieves broke in by forcing a casement window in the dining room before ransacking the house.’
    • ‘After two hours, they had gotten the living room and dining rooms finished and were working on the kitchen.’
    • ‘Special features include white limestone flooring in the hallways, oak timber flooring in the drawing rooms and dining rooms.’
    • ‘The main drawing room and dining rooms are off the hallway.’
    • ‘Several of the unit designs feature skylit dining rooms and living rooms.’
    • ‘Draperies, of course, are a popular choice for living rooms and dining rooms.’
    • ‘Features include oil-fired central heating and fireplaces in the living room and dining rooms.’
    • ‘Also remember you may not need to clean formal living rooms or dining rooms each time you clean.’
    • ‘Both these dishes could be found in hotel dining rooms until about the turn of the century.’