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dinner theater

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  • A theater in which a meal is included in the price of a ticket.

    as modifier ‘a dinner-theater production’
    • ‘The resiliency and tolerance that lets a washed-up one-note comedian run a successful dinner theater is why we'll win this war.’
    • ‘For an actor who studied theater at Rutgers, got a masters from Columbia University and started in New York with dreams of a career on Broadway, working full-time at a dinner theater in Jacksonville might sound disappointing.’
    • ‘The King Arthur-style shields lining the building's windowless concrete walls hinted at a jousting dinner theater.’
    • ‘Take a province-wide tour of our incredible attractions… see the longest covered bridge in the world, enjoy the dinner theatre at the Village Historique Acadien and more!’
    • ‘He's just come off a four-month run in the dinner theatre, playing with the house band for Country, Rock and A Whole Lot Of Soul, and is now doing a solo shot in front of the current Stage West production as patrons chow down.’
    • ‘As the class entered the dinner theatre, Jerry was handed a slip of paper that gave him his table number.’
    • ‘Hoping the former was the case, my date and I optimistically entered the dinner theatre, where the gimmick is that the performers do double-duty as the wait staff.’
    • ‘After I paid the bill, Noel and I were discussing the possibilities of staging a dinner theatre sometime when it happened.’
    • ‘That's pretty much the same feeling you come away with after an evening of The British Invasion at the Mayfield dinner theatre.’
    • ‘At weekends Robert, my first husband, and I ran a dinner theatre.’
    • ‘We had so much fun at the dinner theatre… then we went out for a walk in the park because we were so stuffed!’
    • ‘Eighties Soviet comedy star Yakov Smirnoff now has his own dinner theatre in Branson, Missouri.’
    • ‘She has an amazing voice and has done her time in that most American of evening entertainment, the dinner theatre.’
    • ‘He landed the coveted role as ringmaster for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus when his agent scheduled him to audition for a dinner theater shortly after his graduation.’
    • ‘Or discover the meaning of our famous French Acadian joie de vivre (joy of life) as you sing along to the dinner theater at the Village Historique Acadien!’
    • ‘The night at the dinner theater began with lasagna and dessert.’
    • ‘If the deal is done, Booth said the existing dinner theater would remain in operation as the new structures go up.’
    • ‘With a country-style buffet and predominantly spiritual stage fare, Rosebud Theatre has become an unusual and successful dinner theatre.’
    • ‘The auditorium can also transform itself into an ‘intimate dinner theatre with up to 500 guests seated at tables on our custom deck,’ which is placed on top of the stadium-style seats.’
    • ‘The nominations are voted on by the city's 540-plus theatre professionals over the summer and the awards given out in a gala ceremony at the Stage West dinner theatre.’


dinner theater

/ˈdinər ˈTHēədər/ /ˈdɪnər ˈθiədər/