Definition of dinnerware in English:



North American
  • Tableware, including plates, glassware, and cutlery.

    ‘To protect yourself, determine what your cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, and utensils are made of; you'll probably need to contact the manufacturer to check.’
    • ‘Vanessa covertly observes him as he sets their dinnerware at the table, while she cooks their dinner.’
    • ‘Serve meals on salad plates or vintage dinnerware (dinner plates used to be a lot smaller too) to adjust to smaller portions.’
    • ‘It had a long, slim table with dinnerware already set and ready for a meal.’
    • ‘He jumped backwards on top of the buffet table, knocking down some precious plates and dinnerware.’
    • ‘Nor will there be any of the white-tablecloth dinners with real cutlery and porcelain dinnerware that have become the usual treatment afforded visiting generals and other dignitaries.’
    • ‘So we bought several hand-painted animal cookie jars that keep the treats fresh, and come with matching bowls to keep her dinnerware as stylish as our own.’
    • ‘She walked into the kitchen, absently noting that her files on the dinner table were now replaced with three sets of dinnerware, a cutting board and a plastic container of assorted vegetables.’
    • ‘Huge banqueting halls with elaborate architectural elements were usually located in the northern wings of the palaces, and were provided with ceramic kitchen and dinnerware.’
    • ‘Glass ceramics are used for range tops, counter tops, dinnerware, and cookware.’
    • ‘His product line, which he called American Modern, encompassed furniture, dinnerware, tablecloths, and glassware.’
    • ‘The room was cheerfully decorated, and each table was set with fine dinnerware in honor of the celebration.’
    • ‘And when it comes to using a label maker to organize my linen closet (when I get one) or having an entire barn full of Thanksgiving-themed dinnerware, all I can say is better her than me.’
    • ‘It is my mom's everyday dinnerware of choice, because she says it won't break.’
    • ‘Stoneware began to overtake delftware as a practical and stylish dinnerware with the introduction, between about 1740 and 1745 from France, of plaster of Paris for making molds.’
    • ‘In many parts of the world it is food, fodder, the primary construction material and is used for making great variety of useful objects from kitchen tools, to paper to dinnerware.’
    • ‘Their durability, in fact, is what has long kept restaurant dinnerware in circulation - not in kitchens, but at flea markets and antiques stores.’
    • ‘‘The fashion-conscious,’ the company gushes, ‘can unlock their creative juices to design dinnerware that reflects their individual personality and styles.’’
    • ‘Your eye darts right and alights on what seems to be a Tuscan dining porch, artfully packed with chipped dinnerware, rose-colored drinking glasses, whitewashed iron candlesticks, and weathered mismatched chairs.’
    • ‘Since 2001 the designers have collaborated together on a variety of projects, including restaurants and a bar in Milan, an armchair for Derin, cutlery for Serafino Zani, and dinnerware for Rosenthal.’
    dishes, pots, crocks, plates, bowls, cups, saucers



/ˈdinərˌwer/ /ˈdɪnərˌwɛr/