Main definitions of dino in English

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Pronunciation /ˈdīnō/ /ˈdaɪnoʊ/


  • A dinosaur.

    • ‘the palaeontologist hopes future digs will uncover new dino species previously unknown to science’
    • ‘Everything from the smallest dino to the biggest predator seems to become an appetizer for some other species of dinosaur during the movie.’
    • ‘Labourers can earn up to $5 a day digging up and selling fossils, and this has created a massive supply of black-market dino relics.’
    • ‘The dino range has expanded beyond noisy and noisome T Rex and those kangaroo-bouncy raptors to include the mean-clawed, fast-flying pteronadon and big, big spinosaurus.’
    • ‘The show will also trace the history of the dino's development through interactive games.’
    • ‘So it is simply wrong to say that the feathers are just imprints added to a dino skeleton.’
    • ‘The dino species also has two neat rows of seven holes along its snout.’
    • ‘The crew at Dinosaur Cove expected to find dino fossils, but the crown jewel would be a mammal bone - evidence of mammals living among dinosaurs in Australia is fairly rare.’
    • ‘Fossils of the four-winged dino were first found in China in January 2003.’
    • ‘They also indicate that the dino could not have splayed its legs far enough to use its four wings in tandem, like a dragonfly.’
    • ‘Being Norway's sole dino researcher, he appropriately played a hand in uncovering the nation's only known dinosaur.’
    • ‘There are two tales here: the story, and how the story will be played in the dino media.’
    • ‘It was pretty cool but what scared me far more than the dino's big teeth were the other visitors to the museum.’
    • ‘Then I attended a dino symposium and was nailed by the passion and intensity that paleontologists brought to their science.’
    • ‘We're going to talk with one of the paleontologists behind the dino autopsy right as soon as we come back.’

Main definitions of DINO in English

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Pronunciation /ˈdīnō/ /ˈdaɪnoʊ/


  • Democrat in name only, referring to a member of the Democratic Party considered too conservative by more liberal members.

    ‘Indeed, he would have survived if he had not been such a tool of the DINO wing of the Democratic Party.’
    • ‘The center is trying to be drummed out in some cases, RINO hunting and DINO hunting.’
    • ‘A DINO senator and two bloggers have endorsed Bush.’
    • ‘Forget the DLC, "unified" messages (often little more the DINO versions of Republican discourse) and talk to people about those things that truly matter to them.’
    • ‘But some things never change, and here was the biggest DINO (Democrat in name only) in the Senate crowing about what a wonderful vote he cast.’