Definition of dioecious in English:



  • (of a plant or invertebrate animal) having the male and female reproductive organs in separate individuals.

    Compare with monoecious

    ‘Lloyd and Webb suggested that if females of dioecious species allocated a greater proportion of their available energy to reproduction than males, then females should be slower growing and have lower survival rates.’
    • ‘Consider a population of dioecious species, in which males mate randomly with females.’
    • ‘We compared the phyllotaxy and characteristics of the vascular system for two of the dioecious species (subgenus Acnida).’
    • ‘Patterns of phenological variation and reproductive investment were studied in the dioecious shrub Baccharis dracunculifolia DC, and possible consequences on survivorship were evaluated.’
    • ‘The worms are dioecious, with the female laying about 300 eggs/day.’



/dīˈēSHəs/ /daɪˈiʃəs/


Mid 18th century from modern Latin Dioecia (a class in Linnaeus's sexual system), from di-‘two’ + Greek -oikos ‘house’.