Definition of diogenite in English:



  • A stony meteorite of a kind consisting largely of pyroxenes and plagioclase.

    ‘In addition, individual fragments of eucrites and diogenites are often found within the howardites.’
    • ‘This photo of a diogenite is magnified 40 times - exactly the same amount as the eucrite.’
    • ‘Howardites are polymict breccias composed of angular clasts of eucrites and diogenites welded together by pulverized mineral dust.’
    • ‘Together, the howardites, the eucrites, and the diogenites form the most abundant class of achondrites in our collections.’
    • ‘This analysis suggests that we have discovered the first polymict diogenite - a true scientific sensation.’
    • ‘Because diogenites have a coarse-grained texture with large interlocking crystals, however, they must have cooled more slowly than the eucrites.’
    • ‘The Johnstown meteorite is classified as a calcium-poor diogenite, being composed mainly of hypersthene, with minor amounts of plagioclase and olivine.’
    • ‘The dark ‘shock’ lines are characteristic of this diogenite.’
    • ‘In order to preserve the observed zoning profiles, NWA 4215 clearly cooled significantly faster than other diogenites.’
    • ‘The exception is a group of meteorites called howardites, eucrites, and diogenites (nicknamed HED meteorites).’
    • ‘Unbrecciated diogenite that shows orthopyroxenes and chromite grains that are partially fragmented and deformed.’
    • ‘This research represents a continuing effort to understand the petrogenesis of diogenites and their relationship to eucrites.’



/dīˈäjəˌnīt/ /daɪˈɑdʒəˌnaɪt/


Late 19th century from Greek Diogenēs ‘descended from Zeus’+ -ite.