Definition of dioritic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdīəˈritik/



See diorite

‘Like the Kevins Dam suite, these granites may also be derived from melting of quartz dioritic to tonalitic rocks.’
  • ‘A dioritic pod in varitextured gabbro was sampled for U-Pb age determination.’
  • ‘Numerous undated granitic and dioritic plutons intrude the Palaeozoic rocks and form large areas of Karlik Tagh and Barkol Tagh.’
  • ‘Fine anatase specimens occur near the Lot mine, Cebolla, Gunnison County, Colorado, where it forms well-developed crystals to 1 cm in veinlets and on joint surfaces of a dioritic dike.’
  • ‘Minor, decimetre-scale patches of hornblendic mafic material have been interpreted as a minor dioritic facies of the intrusion, and are petrographically identical to those of the Vagastie Bridge granite.’